Far east investing heavily on security

Information security seems to be the length and breadth of many companies nowadays.  Organizations can’t afford to take security lightly especially when the number of vulnerabilities and malwares are increasing by the day. Security as we all know is not a state but a process. And to maintain appropriate level of security comes investment.

I’m sure these are testing times for all of us irrespective of any profession. Companies are always looking at cost cutting measures  but expecting to maintain quality and value delivery for every service they sell.  So, contradicting to our impression our friends from the far east China seem to have taken information security very seriously and are investing heavily.  This is an article based on a study conducted by PWC in conjunction with CIO and CSO magazines.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Spending on security function continues to grow in Chinese enterprises despite the economic uncertainties, according to the seventh annual global state of information security survey 2010.”

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