Highlights of Cisco Security Report 2009

Its been a long year for security professionals fire fighting against the variants of ‘Conficker/Downadup’. The aftermath of the one of the worst worms of the decade forced new organizations to come up with effective incident management procedures including Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), patch management policy and many more.  For new IT firms this incident must have been an eye opener especially looking at systems, procedures and teams they have.

According to the Cisco Security Report 2009 albeit the number of vulnerabilities and threats remained constant with the previous year, the exploits and attack threat levels have increased by 57%. The report talks about various attack vectors like misuse of the power social networking sites, scare ware, banking trojans and some which are still at its infant stage like ‘Cyber Wars’. Its definitely a scary thought when countries start to wage wars using the Internet as there is no limit to destruction.

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