Best Companies to Work For in The Information Security Field

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Even if the world is still recovering from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, information security is still a burgeoning field with plenty of openings for information security jobs. Nearly every organization requires an information security professional to safeguard their proprietary data. But how do you find the best companies to work for in the information security field?

There are several guidelines that can help narrow down your search. It’s well known that financial services and insurance companies have a good reputation in respect to treating security issues adequately. But going a bit further, it is a given that you would like a generous compensation and benefits package. As any other aspect in our life, you should also look at other factors as well, like opportunities for professional growth in your information security career and upward movement within the company, since you don’t want to be stuck as an information or IT security analyst for the rest of your working life.

After a quick research, I noticed that nearly all of the information technology companies named below pay their employees well while providing other substantial perks. While they do not specifically specialize in network security, they are good places to launch your information security career.

Google is one of the most well-known information technology companies in the world, and it is one of the most prestigious places to find security jobs, such as information security engineers. Although base salaries are reportedly at the low end of the range, these are more than made up for by stock options and generous benefits such as health care coverage for your entire family, flexible work hours and a child-care center. In addition, engineers are encouraged to use 20% of their work hours on projects that interest them.

NetApp is a network storage and data management company which is noted for its egalitarian corporate culture, with senior managers reportedly being very approachable by the staff. Compensation for information security jobs, along with other positions in the company, is very competitive, and the comprehensive benefits package includes stock options, reimbursement for mass transit and adoption assistance. It is a good place to build your information security career, since NetApp also offers substantial opportunities for professional development and training.

Microsoft is a company that requires no introduction in the information technology field. They have many openings for information security jobs in the US and in their offices abroad. While the company has garnered a bad reputation for its monopolist market strategy and bad security positioning in the past, many employees have ranked it one of the best places in America to work as they enjoy a handsome compensation and benefits package, including employee stock options, and flexible work arrangements as well as a casual dress code. However, the application process is very grueling for new hires, and once you get hired the hours can be long and the expectations high.

Yahoo! is best known for its free e-mail, but it also offers a variety of other services, such as its search engine and web portals. There are thousands of technology jobs available, including information security career positions. While employees are expected to work long hours, they are also very well compensated, with a generous benefits package that includes stock options, paid vacations, health care coverage including dental and vision insurance, as well as basic life insurance. Other perks include a casual work environment, tuition reimbursement and many on-site recreation facilities such as a health club and game room.

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What about you? What was the best company you worked for in the Security Field?


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