Startup guide to become an Information Security Consultant

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Startup guide to become an Information Security Consultant

For the sake of efficiency, cost effectiveness and to focus on the core business companies world over are switching to outsourcing of IT security. It makes eminent sense too as the information security consultants are the experts of their domain and hiring them is much more economical option than maintaining a whole army of in-house IT security experts.

This cost and efficiency factors combined with the ever growing threat from hackers and exploding online shopping and e-commerce market has made sure that more and more companies are looking for information security consultants to take care of their IT security concerns.

All these factors have made the career of information security consultants quite promising. But before you get ready to jump on the bandwagon, wait and contemplate as to why a company would go for outside IT security experts. This would help you understand the industry better.

Basically there are following three reasons which make a company go for outsourcing.

1. The required services are not available in-house and getting expensive new employees is costly and time consuming option.

2. Company is facing a tight deadline to finish a highly technical project and it is not possible to hire, train new employees and expect the project to be finished in time.

3. Companies need an independent and objective perspective which is not mired in the corporate politics and infrastructure.

When you are clear about these basics you can start the process of being a successful information security consultant which is as following.

Go wholeheartedly There are no half measures when it comes to making a career. And certainly not when you are entering a field as fluid as IT security. The job outlook and growth is better than average and there are training programs and schools which offer specific curriculum, certificates and degrees in computer security.

Do proper Research Since this field is relatively new, the programs are new and not yet established. So go for a recognized and reputable institute which offers all encompassing curriculum in information technology (IT), consisting of but not limited to penetration testing, systems analysis, computer information systems, programming and networking.

Steer clear of frauds As with any growing field, IT security education field is replete with fly-by-night operators which are there just to make money and offer illegitimate courses which are not recognized and can’t get you a job after graduation.

Don’t be limited to just curriculum As extensive the curriculum might be, there is always space for more. So don’t just be limited to the courseware and keep on adding to your knowledge of vulnerability analysis, firewall management, virus protection, network and software safety, IT forensics etc.

Add to you certifications After or during your graduation you can opt for industry recognized certification such as “Cisco” Network Security certification, those offered by Microsoft etc. They will add value to your knowledge and empower your resume.

Gain experience Once you have graduated you should get industry exposure through school-sponsored IT internships and with entry-level IT jobs. They will help you understand the IT security threats in real time practical environment.

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Nirmalya Jain is an information security consultant and specializes in penetration testing , systems analysis etc. She is also an amateur writer and her write ups on IT security have been well received


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