7 reasons why you SHOULD work in Information Security


Information Security is a pleasure of heavens!

Dear readers,

Wow! what a hit it was!

My previous article on  6 reasons why you should NOT work with information security was a block buster, breaking all previous page hits records of this site, and bringing along a deluge of  praises,  insults, and funny comments. I was called a comedian, an a$$hole, a betrayer and a genius, which definitely tells me that people could relate (either positively or negatively) with the article. That’s certainly a pleasure for any blog writer.

Anyhow, I believe it is now fair to give both the haters and the lovers  6 +1 reasons why you SHOULD work in Information Security, and see what the repercussion will be.

As always, comments and criticism are welcome! I just ask you guys to take it easy when the swearing, because my granny also reads the website…

Now, without further ado, 7 reasons why you should work in Information Security:

7 – Companies started taking Information Security seriously

It’s no news to anyone that huge companies such as Sony, RSA and Facebook indeed were targets of elaborate attacks that caused massive commotion in the media. I have to confess that my CC number was stolen in this Sony hideous case, which definitely eliminated any possibilities of me having any sort of online transactions with them in the future.

Knowing (or not knowing) that they could be the next target, companies started to bring security to the forefront of their challenges, and are seriously addressing problems in a much more conscious and mature way than before. Compliance, regulations and contractual obligations also aid to boost the Information Security landscape. To give you a hand, here are some tips on the best security companies to work for in the information security field.

6 – Salary is good

If you are an IT/Information Security professional, chances are high that you are making the same or more money than most of your friends. If not, it’s just a matter of time (and place, maybe).

The Information Security career is one of the most well paid careers in the market due to the especialization and experience required from these crowd, further aggravated by a generalized lack of qualified professionals. It is known for a fact that by pursuing an information security degree or an IT security certification, your salary will jump to the next bracket. If you haven’t done so, don’t wait anymore.

5 – The field is diverse

Information security can be about cryptography. Or it can be about cross-shredding paper. Or even writing hundred-page long policies and procedures to delight the IT auditor…

Yes, the information security career gives you an almost endless gamut of options and especialities to choose from. And the good thing is, it is possible to deal with all of them on a daily basis! A job like that can surely be defined as exciting certainly keep you interested for years to go!

 4 – You will never be unemployed

Either you like it or not, crooks will always exist. And so will web developers. And infosec professionals. I believe that there are 3 professions in this world that will never dwindle: Information Security professionals, Web developers and… you know what.
By following an Information Security career you will certainly find job anywhere in this world either as an employee or as a security contractor (look at me – having travelled across the globe, working for companies in 3 continents, always as an Infosec geek). (Un)fortunately the bad guys and bad web developers who know bollocks about secure coding and these crap (just quoting one of them) will always be around and people will always need us to save the day!

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  1. Kristy Spencer says:

    Hi All,

    I really want to get into Information Security and started taking classes, but felt like I was way behind everyone else technology-wise. I’m not the type to be able to tear apart a computer to know them inside and out. Should I let this stop me? Feedback and advice is welcomed. Thanks!

  2. Mutiu adepoju says:

    Although am a young graduate based in nigeria, but i think i find much interest in taking a career in information security , what do u think?, and i will be glad if u put me through.

  3. Adam says:

    Got a telephone interview coming up for a graduate Information Security Analyst… Any tips guys, how can I impress?

  4. Amine says:

    I have been in the infosec world for the last 17 years and did my PhD in computer science (1994, crypto). I must tell you, it is a great and exciting field to be in. I worked with IBM, Cisco, EMC, Telecom …


  5. Balaji kapsikar says:

    I am really agree with you,From Last 18 months i am working as information security analyst , I do VAPT , Server application and network security audits in my orgnisation and now I want to do Info sec certifications for my gr8 future so how and for which certification should i go.

  6. Alex says:

    I tend to agree with Rob. I got infected with InfoSec bug after picking up a copy of Hacking Exposed book and reading it cover to cover multiple times & practicing it about 8-9 years ago. I self-studied myself to a CISSP certification, became a member of a local ISSA chapter, and avid reader of InfoSec & SC magazines. I followed that up with a Masters degree in Info Assurance. You probably are thinking by now that I am a bigshot InfoSec professional, CISO or something…WRONG!!!
    Since then I’ve had the (bad) luck of being employed in companies (4 including my current employer), where they didn’t give a hoot about security. My current employer (a hospital) has a CISO, who knows nothing about InfoSec or IT for that matter. The only reason he has that title is because of being a great BSer & can get $$ from senior mgmt!
    So I’m still an IT professional (system admin), my CISSP expired, and haven’t held any security positions and still paying my school loans!
    Anywhere I apply or interview for a security position, they take one look at my resume and they see SysAdmin and say NO THANK YOU!

    And btw being a SysAdmin doesn’t make you a chick magnet either!!!

  7. binary0018 says:

    Yeah thanks for the motivation 🙂

    Would like to share my story. I’ve been in IT Sec/Governance for 6 years now. Not yet an expert, but no longer a novice. I didn’t choose to work in this line at all. Somehow my career path turned out this way! 🙂

    But some weeks back, I was on the brink of exiting this field completely. I was v fedup & depressed at my last workplace & even prepared to forsake my professional credentials & track record, to get out of it. I wasn’t sure whether the problem was with the environment or the scope of work. Or could it be me? I was thinking, perhaps I’m not suited to this sorta work afterall.

    Then suddenly out-of-the-blue I received a call from this recruitor about a prospect with a well-known MNC, for their IT controls team. I didn’t even feel like turning up for the interview. But I did in the end & got the job, har!

    Currently still in the honeymoon phase with my new employer (not yet a month here). So far, I find ev’ything much better than the previous place – pay, staff welfare, resources … even my new boss! I respect him a lot & like him so much better than the previous one. At least I now look fwd to going to work each morning. And yes, am rediscovering my zest & love for security =)

    I reckon there are many factors which count towards becoming a successful security professional (and sustaining a career in this line). It can be tough and demanding at times. But like any other job, being passionate about your work helps you stick it out thru the tough times.

    PS: Which sponsor links do we click btw? I clicked all which looked like adverts to me, lol!

  8. Jeff says:


    How’s it going buddy? Looks like the site has become a hit dude – Nice!

    I had to chime in here because I just read Rob’s bit “…security professional has never attracted chicks at parties.” Well, you and I know better about that. YOU are (were) a chick magnet. Well, it could have been your stunning good looks, irresistible charm …or when you said “hey there…I’m a security professional.” Wait, come to think of it, you never said to the chicks. Okay, Rob’s right. 🙂

    Seriously though, you still enjoying Sydney? Or gearing up for a move elsewhere? Big news for us is, we bought a house. Yes, we’re actually becoming grounded 🙂 Quaint village area; a 5 min walk from ocean. Happiness.

    Looking forward to hearing back. Cheers bud, -Jeff

  9. ShreeVaidya says:

    I have always been passionate about information security and the monetary and other benefits surely do add up.I believe passion for the domain has been a major driver for me. I do not consider it a job 🙂

  10. Shadab says:

    Rob : I dont agree on the points you have mentioned, In the article Adriano has clearly told about the salary that it depends on which location you are. I agree that you cannot make money as sales guys but if you join a consulting firm it is same as sales with technical knowledge or presales job. so I would say the points are very true depending on some situations.

  11. Purdy says:

    I have never been told I have a cool job and I have been in the industry for 15 years. I have been told I have one of those made up jobs that doesn’t really exist.

    Funny article though, thanks for putting it up.

    IT Security is also gender agnostic. Which is brilliant.

  12. Rob Slade says:

    OK, the field is diverse, I’ll grant you. And you should be able to talk to anyone in the company. (Whether they’ll reply is another matter.) But, companies taking security seriously? Please. High salary? Better than line work, but you’ll never make the money you do in sales. And I know way too many infosec mavens who are un-or-under employed. You set the rules if senior management backs you up, and that seldom happens.

    And being a security professional has never attracted chicks at parties.