Internet Security for Businesses

A VPN (virtual private network) by definition is a secure way for people in a business to share information through a public network such as the internet. This is what many businesses use to secure their data. This is a great idea because throughout a business there’s tons of sensitive information being sent through the network every single day.

However, businesses shouldn’t just stop at using a VPN. They should also take other common precautions with their network. Spyware and viruses are still a threat. So it’s a good idea to use spyware removal and virus preventing and removal software.

Lastly, businesses should remember to not send sensitive information to untrusted sites. If sending out information that are private somewhere outside of the network, make sure that page is using an SSL (secure socket layer). The easiest way to see this is by looking at your address bar. You’ll see https:// as opposed to the normal http:// – And that’s usually a good sign that your information will be encrypted when being sent over.

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