Immigrating to Australia as an Information Security Professional – part 4 – Finding a Job

Since I’m sort of methodic, let me break the steps for finding a job abroad into different, but correlated tasks:

1. Have all relevant documentation prepared prior applying for jobs

Regardless of where you want to live, applying without the proper visa won’t take you too far. Unless you are the super-duper well known security guru, market conditions are not allowing companies to sponsor employees from abroad as it has been a couple of years ago. So if you’re planning to migrate to Australia, UK or wherever else, sort out your papers first.

2. Study the local market

I want to present you with an astonishing work by a friend of mine from Brazil, who was also getting prepared for the relocation to Australia. Please check the graph below:

Openings Australia

This graph is the outcome of almost 25 weeks of his research about the Australian market. Every week (semana), he visited the website and wrote down the number of positions (vagas) available for each of his specializations (legend). Has he been successful? Although this graph didn’t land him a job, his improved knowledge of what positions were hiring the most helped him to come up with a different set of resumes, plus a good idea about the Australian market at a given moment. The result: Well, he’s a Linux security specialist, and upon moving to Australia it took him less than a month to get a job as a security specialist at Red Hat. What else could he ask for?

3. Set your expectations right.

One thing I’ve learnt throughout my life is: start low, aim high. Do not expect moving to a foreign country in which you have no previous work experience agetting a 100% jump from your current salary. Set your expectations accordingly, start low enough to have the same standard of living you have now while you gain some local experience. After some time you’ll be acquainted with the market and your jump to that dream job/salary will be much easily achievable than now that you’re still abroad.

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  1. Manisha says:

    Hi Adriano,

    I am also information security professional having CEH and GWAPT as certification. I was involved in web application security testing. I am not able to get the right ACS occupation list. Which one would you suggest ?


  2. praveen joshi says:

    what a awhsome experience you have shared. thankyou very much for this wonderful explaination.
    your blog has inspired me so much… feels like i got lot of work to do.

    Brother may god bless you for showing a career path to hundred of people like me…

    Praveen Joshi

  3. Etha says:

    Hi Adriano,

    Excellent post from a info sec Guru 🙂 i am planning to relocate in UK and as you have experience working there, will you please suggest how can I use linkedin to get an info-sec consulting job. I passed CISA and applied for certification last night 🙂 CEH is next I am targetting. As per current tier-2 recuirements, it need a job offer and sponsorship both to get PR apart from other requirement. Going to start IELTS from today ( very inspired by you article I believe ;)) (may I add you in Linkedin please?). Please suggest me how can I achieve this goal. Thanks and best regards.

  4. Sandeep Saini says:

    Hi Adriano,

    I appropriate the efforts you put in place to make people understand about the Information Security Job market in AUS.

    I am very much impressed with all your articles & personally want to thank you for the same.

    I really want to immigrate to AUS but fears due to the future unemployment.

    Kindly guide me when I really need to start & where exactly.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Sandeep Saini

  5. Ashish says:

    Hi Adriano,

    I have just started thinking about relocating to Australia. Actually, I went through the Australian immigration site as well anmd was left absolutely confused at the end of it.

    However, once i went through your article, a lot of that confusion just melted away.

    The work that you have put in to help people like us is definitely commendable. Much appreciated.

    Like i said earlier, i am also thinking of relocating to Australia soon; but i do not have a CISSP. However i do have a CISA, CISM, 27001 Lead Auditor cert, BS25999 Lead Auditor cert, ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Cert, ISO 20000 Lead Auditor cert, etc. Do you think i have a good enough chance to make it in Aus?


  6. Eder says:

    Hello Adriano,

    Soon, I will be in the same situation as Allan (an IT Security Analyst studying in Australia and able to work only part time).
    Have you heard of anybody in that situation who has managed to get a part time job in the IT area?



  7. Allan says:

    Hi Adriano,
    I really enjoy reading your posts, Im also a brazilian willing to immigrate to australia.

    Now Im studing for a Masters in IT at University of Sydney. I have a student visa that allows me work part time (and full time on holidays). So was planning to find a part time job during my studies and at the end of the course try to convert it in a full time job (and that could sponsor my visa).

    I worked as a security analyst for 1 year in brazil before coming to sydney but I have more experience with linux. Using your experience, do you think it is feasible work part time with linux in sydney? I dont see many part time job positions, should I apply for full time positions and explain that I am a student? Do I need ACS recognizement for that?

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Eduardo C says:

    Hi Adriano, thank you very much to share this invaluable information and so on the time you spent to published it.
    For me it´s very usefull information because I am planning to move on to Australia and find a job as a security consultant. I am working on to prepare all.

    Again thank you very much.

    Eduardo C
    Mexico City.

  9. Mohsin says:

    Hi Adriano,

    I am a regular follower of your posts. After reading this one, though not very much useful for me right now, I could not resist more to appreciate the good work you are doing, and I thank you for this. Godspeed.


  10. pooja says:


    I had a query abt the character check if we have been in more than one country like usa, switzerland how do we do that

  11. Haitham Saad says:

    Dear Adriano,

    I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful article that i really liked, It was Great and full of useful information and you really know how to write an interesting article
    thank you again.
    Best regards

  12. Fadi Shalhoub says:

    Hi Adriano,
    Thank you for this very informative article.
    I find myself in a similar situation since I have acquired an Australian Resident Visa and I am an information security professional relocating to Australia Sydney in particular.
    I have basically covered all the steps you mentioned and currently I am searching for a job as an information security consultant or lead in Sydney.
    Can you provide me with any pointers or help on where/how should I start searching and what works since obviously you were able to find a job quickly.

    Thank you.
    Best Regards,
    Fadi Shalhoub.