10 Tips For Negotiating Your Salary

6- Consider the whole package, not the base salary alone

Beware! Salary is not only about gross salary. Yes, you know that, but let me remind you: How much does it cost to attend that training you deem essential to your growth? What about that certification exam? Did I mention bonus, health insurance, graduation programs and meal vouchers?

When considering a job offer, make sure you consider not only the gross salary, but all the opportunities to save or profit from other benefits such as the ones I mentioned above. That can make a HUGE difference!

7- Think 2 steps ahead

One thing almost no one takes into consideration when deciding upon a job offer is “What’s my boss’ salary? If you believe that the company is going to give you opportunity of growth, bear in mind that you can have a paycheck similar to your boss’s in a reasonable period of time. Well, I don’t mean that you should ask your future boss about his earnings, but perhaps you can ask the recruiter, or research previous openings for that company on internet!

8- Be relaxed but straightforward when saying what you want

Remember: By the moment you tell your salary expectation to the hiring manager, you might be putting yourself into an uncomfortable situation for the next couple of months (sometimes years). When sharing your number (after considering the tips in this article 🙂 ), avoid giving them a salary range. Time to wear the manager’s shoes now: He needs someone competent, for the lowest price. When you say: – Oh, I think I would consider something between 100 and 120 grand, guess what the job offer will look like?

9- Do not transform the job offer into an auction

What’s more pleasant than having 2 offers to choose from? Please raise your hand if you never felt into the temptation of going back and forth auctioning your number… Everyone will come across this sort of thoughts! However, companies usually don’t see it with good eyes, and you may incur into the risk of losing both offers.

My tip? Go home, check the pros and cons of each one of them, and get back to them your well-thought, definitive number. Once again, if company X offers you the hard number of 120k, and company Y offers you 100k plus a series of benefits, write down what the actual difference would be. You might be surprised!

10- Leave the doors open when refusing an offer.

Well, the job is good, the company is challenging but the salary is way below your expectations. Always make sure to let the hiring manager know that you appreciate the offer, but perhaps you can talk again once a position more aligned to your expectations. We never know what can happen tomorrow, right?

Hopefully these tips will help you with that interview you are about to have, and provide you with some comfort when the time comes to price yourself.

What about you? Do you have any tips to get the salary you are looking for during an interview? Please share with us!


Last edited – 30/09/2010

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